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 Changes for Werewolves

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PostSubject: Changes for Werewolves   Changes for Werewolves I_icon_minitimeFri May 28, 2010 11:42 pm

(All found in the armory reloaded)

Feral Defenses: When a werewolf wears the war form, the near wolf form, or the wolf form, he applies the higher of his Dexterity or Wits as his Defense, like an animal.

Rationale: Werewolves in their lupine forms are more in tune with their animal instincts, and react more quickly than humans do.

Mindless Rage: When a werewolf enters Death Rage, it always makes all-out attacks (p. 157 of the World of Darkness Rulebook). This means the player receives a +2 to all attacks, but the werewolf also can’t benefit from Defense while in Death Rage.

Rationale: Death Rage does not allow for caution. A lycanthrope in the grip of this mad fury can only kill.

Quick Regeneration: A werewolf can regenerate a number of points of bashing damage equal to his Primal Urge rating each turn, rather than just one. If the player spends a point of Essence, the character can regenerate a number of Health points lost to lethal damage.

Rationale: The werewolves of legend and fiction are very rarely inconvenienced by traditional weapons.

Savage Might: When in the near man or near wolf forms, the werewolf gains the 9-again rule on all Strength-based dice pools except attack rolls. In the war form, they gain the 8-again rule on Strength-based dice pools including attack rolls.

Rationale: Werewolves are usually depicted as obscenely powerful brutes, capable of smashing down any obstacle with ease.

Unstoppable Fury: While in the grips of Death Rage, any attack that would inflict bashing damage on the werewolf inflicts only a single point, regardless of how many successes were rolled.

Rationale: Pelting a raging wolf-man with fists or police batons just doesn’t work.

Rending Claws and Teeth: While in Gauru a werewolf's bite and claw attacks deal aggravated damage to most enemies. They deal only lethal to other Gauru however.

Rationale: While in warform werewolves are a fearsome and terrible sight to behold who can tear most enemies to shreds.
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Changes for Werewolves
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