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 What we Do!

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What we do

We are a small group of role-players from across the globe, We play in a 'World Wide Chronicle' where the repercussions of one action may affect another players character in another city. As a Player, your character will start at a location of your choosing, and from there, by whatever means are appropriate for the situation, your character will find themselves enthralled into the World of Darkness.

We RP via MSN messenger, the ST (Storyteller) sets the scene, the mood and ofcourse is there to tell the tale, The PC's (Player Characters) Roleplay within said story, the idea is that each characters life is a free story, ie the Chronicle is a 'Free Roam'. Meaning you do not create a character for a specific story (unless you wish to) You create your character, their history, background, day-job ect, and during the Roleplay, your characters actions may lead them down the path of learning of the World of Darkness and what lies within its shadows. We use the Forum as a basis for DT's (Downtimes) this is where the Player on a daily (or indeed weekly) basis, informs the ST on what their character is doing during this time and the ST will reply with how they succeeded, using a mixture of WoDs and our own rules system.

On the otherhand, if your familiar with the WoD lore, you may create an already supernatural character, depending on ST approval, Depending on the Chronicle will depend on the type of supernatural you may create, the 'races' may vary from Kindred, Mage, Werebeast, Geist ect..

Each ST has his own rules system, these however will be discussed with any applicants, generally most actions are rolled for as is standard, successes are determined by both the dice and at ST discretion

To start in a chronicle, you must contact one of the Storytellers, PM me and I will get back to you on setting you up should you decide to RP with us.
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What we Do!
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