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 Night Club: Club Gat

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Night Club: Club Gat Empty
PostSubject: Night Club: Club Gat   Night Club: Club Gat I_icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 2:56 am

Location: In the northern part of Manhattan.
Owner: Johnny Gat

From the outside Club Gat is recognizable, oddly enough, by a sign in the shape of a 1911 with the anarchy symble on the grip. Every night there is always a line outside so usually only certain people actually get inside. The owner is believed to be the center of a lot of organized crime in the city. However the club itself is neutral ground. Johnny give no mercy to those who cause trouble in his club. This makes it a popular hangout for the shadier people in the city. They will meet here to discuss buisness deals, and other various things. Due to this fact most decent people avoid this club.

The club consists of the main dance floor, and bar. There are some various VIP rooms in the back, along with a conferance room and Gat's office which overlooks the dance floor.

Reports: None at this time.
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Night Club: Club Gat
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