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 Night Club: Club Vita

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Night Club: Club Vita Empty
PostSubject: Night Club: Club Vita   Night Club: Club Vita I_icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 2:57 am

Location: Middle of Manhattan
Owner: Unknown

When you walk in there is loud modern dance music playing... Along the left wall is a long bar. The top of it is white polished marble with small red neon accents around the front edge of it..all the way around. Behind the bar is glass shelving with the same red neon accents. The whole wall behind the shelves is backlit in white. Every sort of liquer you can think of back there. Beer taps and such also, like a regular bar. The stools in front of the bar have red tops on them and the poles of the stools have white neon lights running through them.

There is no overhead lighting in the club at all. All of it comes from the walls of the club being backlit with the soft white light and red accents of neon. There are pale spotlights in the ceiling over the dance floor that seem to dance to the music.

The dancefloor is in the middle of the club surrounded by heavy white tables (same material as bar). There are red chairs around the tables. On the far end of the club is a darker area...a VIP area..there are red plush couches and small white coffee tables in front of them. It is very low lighting there and far enough back that many don't pay attention to what is going on in that area.

There is a set of stairs leading up on the right side of the bar leading to two private offices. One on each side of the hall. Both doors are always locked.

Reports: There has been a case of two men going missing in this club, though no leads have been found.
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Night Club: Club Vita
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