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Becky Lynn Adler

Description: Becky Lynn is beautiful and delicate. She is recently 18, with soft blond hair and deep brown eyes. She would normally be dressed formal and at the height of fashion.

Information: She is the daughter of Johnathen Adler who owns a large financial corporation. She is known for her father's wealth.


Description: Lolly is a young androgyne. She prides herself on the fact that not even the members of her group are completely sure if she is male or female. The uncertainty is something Lolly carefully cultivates, by blending both male and female clothing styles, personal habits, and other affectations.

She believes this blurred perception strips away preconceived notions of her nature, and allows her to be accepted (or not) wholly for the individual she is, without labels or stereotypes. Lolly’s wild clothing and jewelry are not uncommon for “candyravers” of her social clique — she’s prone to neon colors, fake fur boots, striped stockings and fingerless gloves, along with the ever present glow sticks and LED jewelry that give her particular party-group its defining bright appearance.

Only the incorporation of skulls, skeletons, and other death motifs (in equally bright colors and glow-in-the-dark finishes) set Lolly (and the rest of Teknival) apart from most of the rest of the party scene. she often wears faux hair falls that reach nearly to hir waist, featuring bows, lace, and big chunky yarn or tubular crinoline dreadlocks.

Information: Lolly is only known to the rave, party, and club goer community. She goes to nearly every club, rave, party, etc in the city. Where she goes, the party is known to be a blast. Her group is known as Teknival.
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Locally Famous
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