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 Combat Rules

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PostSubject: Combat Rules   Combat Rules I_icon_minitimeFri May 28, 2010 11:40 pm

All-Out Attack: +2 with Brawl or Weaponry Attack at the cost of defense

Aiming: +1 per turn to a max of +3 to attack dice pool

Autofire Long Burst: 20 or so bullets at as may targets as the shooter wants, pending ST approval. A +3 bonus is applied to each attack roll; -1 per roll for each target if there's more than one.

Autofire Medium Burst: 10 or so bullets at one to three targets, with a +2 bonus to each attack roll; -1 per target if there's more than one.

Autofire Short Burst: 3 bullets at a single target with a +1 bonus to the roll

Concealment: Barely -1; partially -2, substantially -3, fully- attacker has to shoot through your cover before hitting you.

Firing from concealment: Shooter's own concealment quality (-1, -2, or -3) reduced by one as a penalty to fire back (so, no modifier, -1, or -2)

Prone Target: -2 penalty to hit in ranged combat, +2 bonus to hit when attacker is within close-combat distance.

Shooting into Close Combat: -2 per combatant avoided in a single shot(not applicable to autofire)

Specified Target: Torso -1, leg or arm -2, head -3, hand -4, eye -5

Shooting through an object: The object's durability is taken from the attacker's dice pool. However if the object is bullet proof only bullets with
ap higher than the object's armor will go through. If the object's durability is greater than the weapon's damage bonus then the bullet impacts into the object but does not go through.

● Example Objects to shoot through:

Door, Wooden(exterior) - Durability: 2
Door, Wooden(interior) - Durability: 1
Door, metal(security) - Durability: 3
Tempered Steel - Durability: 3
Window - Durability: 1
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Combat Rules
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